Episode 66: Phil Goddard, Love, Relationships & Leadership

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“Seek not for love, but the barriers you’ve created in yourself that keep you from it.”


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Phil works with individuals and teams to help them get more of what they want, and more of what works, by helping them understand how that comes about, how it is created, and how we are all naturally equipped for happiness and success. He shares his own Mind Flipping moments, how you can use love to lead a business to success and what questions you can ask to shift your perspective right now.

Show Notes:

  • We’re always using the language of love in business and leadership (4:52)
  • The wisdom of love, spirituality & the Daodejing (6:33)
  • Phil’s favorite question to ask (7:47)
  • The problem of seeking (9:14)
  • The importance of a question’s context (11:11)
  • The power of love in sales (12:06)
  • Phil’s After Divorce Mind Flipping story (13:41)
  • What Phil saw when he dropped the book (16:27)
  • The insulation that we create what happens outside of us (17:02)
  • The 3 Principles effect on Phil (19:36)
  • Phil’s Mind Flipping story: Healing a Broken Relationship (20:05)
  • The thing about forgiveness (25:29)
  • Client Mind Flipping Story: Dropping the Stories (28:01)
  • Leadership & Love (30:50)
  • Work Life Balance (33:15)
  • The Spackle Round (35:04)
    • The common beliefs in his field that Phil disagrees with (35:35)
    • Phil’s Phrase of the Day (37:56)
    • How Phil discovered The Course in Miracles (40:40)
    • What Phil struggles with (41:53)

Additional Resources from the Show:

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together!

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