Episode 9: Selena Valentine, Reframing, Healing, Hypnosis for Infertility & Persistence

Selena Valentine is a Certified Hypnotist and Instructor, the owner of Empowered Hypnosis in New York City, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, IACT Certified Life Coach, an EFT Practitioner and NLP Certified. She’s also an organizer for the 1st Annual HypnoBiz convention in New York.

Selena shares her own recent Mind Flip, how she overcame grief and discovered her ability to help others heal, how hypnosis helped a client become pregnant after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility and why you should never give up on your goals. Also, check out MindFlipping.com for a coupon code to the upcoming HypnoBiz New York convention!


Show Notes


1:41 Selena’s own Mind Flipping story about organizing HypnoBiz NY

5:06 Where did the inspiration from the Mind Flip come from

5:49 “This is not happening to me, it’s happening for me.”

6:19 The bracelet Rick gives his clients

8:36 How Melissa Tiers inspired Selena’s hypnotherapy journey

11:09 Books that influenced Selena: Many Lives, Many Masters   & Books by Abraham Hicks

11:50 Turning tragedy into gifts

12:43 What made Selena turn to hypnosis to help heal from grief

14:16 Mind Flipping client story- using the Mind Body Connection to treat unexplained infertility

17:23 Selena’s hypnotherapy goal

17:57 Selena’s Phrase of the day: #NeverTheLessShePersisted

19:24 The KFC Chicken Guy story

20:27 The last thing that made Selena belly laugh or cry– The Black Panther

21:55 What’s love got to do with it?

23:06 What scares Selena?

24:09 Selena’s inner talk when it comes to her fear

25:39 “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me” & Don’t give away your power

27:07 The common belief in her field with which Selena disagrees

29:43 Selena receives a Major Award: The Golden Mind Mold

30:47 Hypnotherapy Business Convention

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32:16 Selena says, Subscribe & Share The Mind Flipping Podcast!

Learn more about Selena at Empowered Hypnosis.

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