EPISODE 61: Jackie Foskett, Hypnobirthing, Limiting Beliefs, Spirit and Gratitude

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A skilled hypnotherapist and passionate advocate for self-care, Jackie Foskett has worked one-on-one with clients for over 35 years to cultivate greater health and well-being. Her practice focuses on a number of important health and wellness goals including weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management and anxiety-free dental visits. Additional training also allows her to help clients experience a more comfortable childbirth and manage diabetes. Jackie is also the author of The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take of Everyone But Themselves.

Show Notes:

  • How Jackie went from dental hygienist, to Switzerland, to a certified hypnotherapist (6:55)
  • The book that caused a Mind Flip in Switzerland and led to a life of creating impact (10:16)
  • Client Mind Flipping Story: Finding the Root of Anxiety (13:37)
  • Client Mind Flipping Story: Hypnobirthing and Limiting Beliefs (15:57)
  • Client Mind Flipping Story: The GOLF Strategy (17:50)
  • Using Tapping to allow the truth to come out (19:30)
  • The Spackle Round (21:00)
    • Jackie’s The Word of the Day (21:09)
    • A common believe in the hypnosis/hypnotherapy field that Jackie disagrees with (22:07)
    • What Jackie is struggling with right now (24:07)
    • What excites Jackie at the moment (26:08)
    • Jackie’s request for listeners (28:38)

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