Episode 6: Christina Matthews, Hypnosis, Neuroscience, Mind Body Connection, Sound & Color Therapy

Christina Matthews is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Hypnotist, practicing in Illinois.  She uses latest neuroscience methods and research-proven techniques to set her clients on a path to success. Christina discusses how and why she combines evidence-based NLP, hypnosis, the mind body connection, color and sound therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy in a clinical setting.


Show Notes


1:42   Mind Body Connection

3:06   Meeting Dr. Richard Nongard  

3:39  How and why Christina came to counseling and what makes her effective

5:03     What a hypnotist really does

7:01  The commonalities Christina’s clients share

7:56  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

8:27   How Christina pairs different modalities with CBT to ‘rewire’ the brain

10:21   What’s an ‘Anchor’ and which ones does Christina recommend?

11:42 What’s a ‘Chakra’?

13:28  How these  modalities for client induction

15:01 Christina’s number one phrase for life

15:46  Mind Flipping story: women with trauma & PTSD

16:59 Client expectations and discovering they can decide how to feel

18:13 Neuroscience applied in therapy

19:32 Its not me, its my brain

21:55 Word of the Day: Lemondrop

22:59 What Christina never thought she’d believe

25:28 Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis

26:3  What scares Christina?

27:09 Dr. Carolynn Myss

28:57 Exciting things happening in counseling – Hypnosis CEUs?

31:02 The common belief held in counseling with which Christiana disagrees

32:00 A major award!!


Virtual Hypnosis convention
For more information about Christina and her
practice, visit Lemon Drop Hypnosis or Christina’s Facebook page.

Rick’s Hypnosis Certification classes are at MidAmericaHypnosis.com

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