Episode 59: Dr. Glenn Livingston, Binge Eating, Commitment, and Will Power

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Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of the best selling Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person™, had some profound mind flips before learning how to control his reptilian brain that wanted him to eat, eat, eat. He calls that part of his brain his “pig”. Hear his story and learn the method he uses to help people lose weight successfully and permanently.

Show Notes

  • Commit with perfection, but forgive yourself with dignity (4:53)
  • The psychology of winners and why people don’t accomplish their goals (5:36)
  • The 2 minds of over-eating (7:40)
  • The ONE THING you should take away from this conversation (7:40)
  • Glenn’s Weight loss Mind Flipping Story (9:07)
  • The perfect storm of the food industry, advertising and addiction messaging (17:52)
  • What happens when you short-circuit the pleasure center? (18:54)
  • How Glenn finally recovered from overeating (20:57)
  • Managing his inner pig (23:33)
  • The last binge you have is the last binge you have (24:07)
  • Microseconds to make powerful choices (24:35)
  • Why character trumps will power and how to use character to resist temptations (25:22)
  • The common theme among on Glenn’s readers (29:01)
  • The difference between fixing and understanding the problem (31:49)
  • The Spackle Round (33:18)
    • Glenn’s Phrase of the Day (33:42)
    • The common belief Glenn doesn’t believe (33:43)
    • Glenn’s favorite resources (37:27)
    • His current struggle (38:36)
    • What excites Glenn (39:55)
  • Glenn’s FREE gift for listeners (41:21)

Additional Resources from the Show:

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