Episode 58: Rachael Kable, Mindfulness, Curiosity, Anxiety, Meditation, Doing the Best That I Can

Be your best self in the present with mindfulness and meditation.

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Join me for a very mindful conversation with mindfulness expert Rachael Kable and let’s learn how to become the best version of ourselves in the present! In this episode, Rachael  discusses how her own personal experiences with anxiety and stress led her down the path to mindful living and mindful practice. We discuss how mindfulness and meditation will benefit you, and also delve into common misconceptions about mindfulness and meditation that often drive people away from something so easy, so freeing, and so simple. Let’s learn how to be of the mindful kind and why mindfulness will improve our lives.

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Show Notes:

  • How Rick found mindfulness and meditation teacher, Rachael  Cable, on pinterest! (3:10)
  • How stress and anxiety led Rachael  to get into the field of mindfulness and meditation (4:00)
  • How joining a mental health helpline in Victoria led Rachael  to start her own mindfulness practice (6:00)
  • How Rachael ’s interest in mindfulness and her personal experiences with anxiety led her to launch her podcast The Mindful Kind (8:10)
  • How her interest in mindfulness and meditation resulted in a book deal for The Mindful Kind (9:00)
  • Podcasts for introverts: The Introvert Biz Growth Podcast and The League of Extraordinary Introverts! (9:36)
  • How introversion can lead to a predisposition toward sensitivity and why Rachael  believes she is a sensitive person (10:20)
  • How Rachael ’s Introversion used to hold her back from forming positive relationships with others and how she dealt with this for a more positive lifestyle (11:00)
  • How mindfulness training allowed Rachael  to find inner peace with her anxiety (12:26)
  • Why it’s important to be mindful about the way that you think in life (13:50)
  • Why planning and regretting things will not relieve your anxiety and stress in the long run and how mindfulness can help (14:50)
  • Why meditation and mindfulness is more than simply sitting in a quiet room on a rug (15:30)
  • Rick discusses mindfulness resources like Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris and Joy on Demand by Chade Meng Tan (16:38)
  • Rick and Rachael  discuss what mindfulness means to them (20:00)
  • Why mindfulness is not about avoiding negative emotions or experiences (21:20)
  • How experiencing gratefulness in the small moments can help people live more mindful, present lives even though it is a judgment (24:00)
  • How Rachael ’s plan to be a psychologist shifted with her own experiences with anxiety, especially after the introduction of mindfulness (25:20)
  • How societal expectations can cloud our abilities to be mindful in life (27:45)
  • The Spackle Round (28:40)
    • Things that Rachael  currently struggles with (29:29)
    • Something Rachael used to believe in the past, but no longer believes (31:54)
    • A common belief in the mindfulness/meditation field that Rachael  wants to clarify (36:24)
    • Rachael ’s word or phrase of the day! (39:11)

Additional Resources from the Show:

  • Looking to pin some inspiration? Check out Rachael’s pinterest!
  • Want to watch an inspirational video on mindfulness? Check out Chade’s inspirational video

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together!

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