Episode 56: Denise Walsh, Gratitude, Vision, Confidence, Guilt, and Clarity

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“Borrow my confidence in order to find the fire within yourself.” -Denise Walsh

Join my conversation with certified coach and bestselling author of “Retire Your Husband: A Mom’s Guide to Making Millions with Network Market,” Denise Walsh, as we discuss how to discover your purpose using the power of gratitude and vision. We discuss how to find your innermost confidence and your true identity through gratitude and visualization. Stop following in doubt and begin living your dreams today!

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Show Notes:

  • How struggling with her own identity influenced her own mind flipping experiences (5:43)
  • How Denise went from a follower to taking on a leadership role (7:30)
  • How being a camp counselor and then a psychologist led to Denise’s first mind flip towards leadership (8:30)
  • Why learning how to access your own vision helps you become a leader in your own life (10:55)
  • Why it’s important to develop a sense of self-identity and clarity in order to find inner confidence (12:00)
  • How working in a nursing home taught her how to listen to her own internal voice and develop her identity, confidence, and vision (14:24)
  • Why does Denise call herself the “Clarity Queen” and what it means to her (15:42)
  • How being comfortable can create a false sense of security that compromises your true identity and how to trust your own intuition to defeat uncertainty  (16:26)
  • Why making a decision even when you are unsure reaffirms your intuition and identity (17:20)
  • What Denise’s team does in order to help new entrepreneurs begin a successful business and feel confident in their decisions (18:25)
  • What Denise does in the morning to start her day with confidence and clarity! (21:52)
  • Why gratitude is important and how journaling and playing gratitude games can help your realize your dreams (23:15)
  • Why asking yourself “What do I do?” is the wrong question (25:30)
  • How prayer, affirmation, and gratitude can lead to positive thinking in life that help you reach your goals (26:09)
  • How Denise remains motivated to achieve her dreams and goals in life (29:19)
  • How creating a habit of gratitude can help you find your fire within (32:00)
  • How moving from fear to faith allows you to experience life through what you want to be versus self-doubt (33:00)
  • The Spackle Round (35:30)
    • Something that Denise still struggles with (36:00)
    • What caused Denise to cry recently (40:00)
    • Denise’s “Get Out of Jail Card” (43:13)
    • Denise’s personal mantra in life (47:50)
    • Denise’s special request for listeners (a free action plan!)  (50:10)

Additional Resources from the Show:

  • Find your way to inner confidence with Denise’s FREE Confidence Map and her workbook to begin your “life flip” today!
  • Discover the secret to entrepreneurial and personal confidence through Denise’s blog and podcast!
  • Order Denise’s  inspirational mind-flipping books on Amazon!
  • Download Denise’s free action plan and begin to flip your mind and your life!


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