Episode 55: Jill Baake Confidence, Thriving, Personal Responsibility & Skill Building

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Things don’t happen to me, they happen for me.

Confidence is a choice not a challenge. Join me today as I discuss how to live your best life by flipping your mindset and growing your confidence with confidence coach Jill Baake. Aside from being a confidence and lifestyle coach, Jill is also the CSO of a Human Development Company, Thrive HDC, which focuses on building confidence within people and their businesses in order to help them do just that– thrive! Today, we discuss what confidence actually is, what it isn’t, and how changing your perspective will shift how you view your own life.

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Show Notes:

  • Why Jill refers to herself as a confidence coach (3:30)
  • Something people do not understand about confidence and building confidence in life (4:40)
  • What confidence actually is and how you should think about it (5:10)
  • Why confidence is not about your skills (5:45)
  • The Spackle Round (7:23)
    • What is something Jill currently struggles with in life, although she sees it as an area to grow(8:00)
    • How Jill describes what confidence coaching is (11:40)
    • A common belief in the coaching field that Jill disagrees with (15:29)
    • Jill’s own experience with mind flipping (21:20)
    • A client’s mind flipping story resulting from coaching (26:40)
    • Jill’s phrase that helps her stay present and appreciate her world (29:40)
    • What is Jill’s “Get Out of Your Own Way” card (31:40)
    • Jill’s special request for listeners and how Thrive HDC can help improve your business’ culture (34:48)
    • A special offer for listeners (37:00)


Additional Resources from the Show:

  • Visit Thrive HDC to discover the benefits of coaching with Jill for both yourself and your company! Subscribe for a free gift!  

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