Ep54: Lane Kennedy, Hemp Oil, Bio Individualized Health, Joy, Sobriety

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Lane Kennedy is a Dave Asprey certified biohacker, holistic health coach, and entrepreneurial coach with experience on how to individualize care using your personal biology in order to create the best wellness plan for you! Today, we dive deep into the holistic healing and wellness coaching profession in order to offer you tips, tricks, and reasons why it is important to flip your mind, body, and soul to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, we talk about the health benefits of hemp oil and why you should consider adding it to your wellness routine!

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Show Notes:

  • How 9/11 inspired Lane Kennedy’s first mind flip and a one-way ticket to Thailand (4:59)
  • How Lane’s one-way ticket to Thailand, her inspired mind flip, led her to work for an organization that helps others (8:13)
  • How Lane realized that people needed to seek help through service (9:08)
  • How parenting led to another mind-flip that taught Lane to let go of her idea of what parenting looks like (11:44)
  • Rick’s parenting mind-flip! (14:14)
  • What is holistic body, mind, and spirit coaching and how can it help you and flip your mind (15:35)
  • Why it’s important to flip your mind and body in order to eat and live healthier (17:01)
  • The Spackle Round (19:04)
    • What is something Lane currently struggles with (19:25)
    • Lane’s word or phrase of the day in her daily meditations (20:46)
    • A common belief in the coaching and wellness field that Lane disagrees with (22:08)
    • A belief that Lane used to believe but has now re-envisioned (19:55)
    • Why are you a firm believer in the healing powers of hemp oil? (24:07)
      • Why hemp oil is different from smoking marijuana? (28:44)
    • What is a get out of “internal jail” card that Lane would advise people to carry? (23:58)
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Additional Resources from the Show:


  • Learn more about Lane and the health and coaching services that she offer to flip your mindset and your life!


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