Episode 53: Katelyn Michals, Mind Body Medicine, Acupuncture, Healing Pain, Self Healing, Whatever Your Feeling its OK

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Katelyn Michals is an acupuncturist who didn’t just treat patients with chronic pain, she was a patient with chronic pain. This led Katelyn down a path that shifted her work from symptom relief to healing based on a holistic method of mind-body medicine she discovered after reading a book by the late Dr. John Sarno. She then began cultivating empowered beliefs about her own body and shared the practice with her clients. Now she’s the host of a the MindBody Mastery Podcast where she explores stories of healing chronic pain. In this episode, we hear how her personal healing took place and the why and how the mind-body connection truly helps those struggling with pain today.

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Show Notes:

  • Who is Dr. John Sarno & how did Katelyn discover him & her BIG Mind Flip (5:24)
  • Knowledge Therapy (9:20)
  • How Katelyn threw out her back (10:58)
  • Katelyn’s Mind Flipping Moment: The connection between your mind and body (11:47)
  • Journaling to discover hidden emotions (13:08)
  • Belief that your body is okay (13:45)
  • The main driver of pain (15:38)
  • What is Mind Body Medicine? (16:38)
  • How Katelyn is shifting her acupuncture practice (18:18)
  • Client Mind Flipping story: Treating severe sciatica with Mind Body Medicine (19:49)
  • Rage Journaling (22:23)
  • 65% of people having structural abnormalities without pain… so why? (23:47)
  • Our brains distracts from emotional pain with physical pain (25:20)
  • The Spackle Round (26:15)
    • What Katelyn thought she’d always believe (26:39)
    • The belief in her field with which Katelyn disagrees (28:21)
    • Katelyn currently struggles with… (29:45)
    • Katelyn’s Phrase of the Day (33:14)
    • Katelyn’s Get Out of Jail Free Card says… (34:57)
    • Katelyn’s request for listeners (36:11)

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