Episode 52: Dorothy Kuhn, Respecting Others and Yourself, Harnessing Fear, Being a Badass

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Dorothy Kuhn shares strategies for commanding the room, setting boundaries, and navigating #MeToo situations with dignity. Learn how and why she uses NLP, her insights on advancing your career, Bystander Syndrome and how anyone can become an influencer. Plus, find out what Dorothy’s superpower is.

Dorothy helps women in businesses, in a career who are tired of unwanted comments, advances & worse, and who ask WHAT DO I SAY to that?!”

Forrmer ‘geekess’, she used her skills to learn to relax, get funny and get the results she’d dreamed to achieve. She’s the author of Automating Systems Engineering, Lessons Learned as an industry author, and co-author of two industry standards* in systems engineering and other industry papers. She’s co-authored empowerment titles including Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers and Voyage to Your Vision.

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Show Notes:

  • Dorothy’s Elevator Pitch (03:33)
  • Dorothy’s Childhood Mind Flipping Story: Taking Command of a Situation (4:38)
  • The magic of mining your history for empowerment (6:22)
  • What is a win in a tough situations like #MeToo? (7:58)
  • Dorothy’s battle with a rare strain of bronchitis (9:16)
  • What Dorothy did then and does now (10:51)
  • Respectfully defining your boundaries (12:14)
  • Decision making in social situations & the brain (14:00)
  • Social stories for women (14:57)
  • How Dorothy found NLP and why it was useful for her in a leadership & influencer roles (16:32)
  • Client Mind Flipping Story: Fear of Making the Wrong Choice (18:18)
  • Mind Flipping story: The importance of clarity & intention (20:19)
  • Mind Flipping Tip: Setting a Well Formed Outcome (21:36)
  • Common challenges for professional women (and people) (23:04)
  • The importance of speaking up for yourself and for others (23:48)
  • The status value increase of speaking up (26:24)
  • The Spackle Round (28:13)
    • Dorothy’s Word of the Day (28:35)
    • The common belief Dorothy doesn’t believe (29:53)
    • What Dorothy no longer believes (30:02)
    • How to be an influencer (30:40)
    • The 13 Second Rule (33:49)
    • Commanding the Room (35:34)
    • Dorothy’s Get Out of Jail Free card says… (41:02)

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