Episode 50: The Future of Mind Flipping as YOUR Podcast (and a contest)

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An Announcement for #MindFlippers! In this milestone episode, Rick shares why and how he started this podcast, why and how he wants to expand the Mind Flipping mission, and why #MindFlippers are the most important part of this show. At the end of the episode, find out how you can win some prizes just be sharing your suggestions. PLUS, some past guests and the editor of this show conspired to surprise Rick with some congrats on #50.

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Show Notes:
  • A quote from William James (0:04)
  • A SURPRISE for Rick (1:38)  
  • Why  and how Rick started this podcast (3:37)
  • What is Patreon, what will its role be the podcast and when? (11:28)
  • The goal of 200 episodes and the different ways you can support the work (13:00)
  • A call for guests, suggestions, dream guests and feedback(14:10)
  • Taking Mind Flipping on the road & highlighting Mind Flipping professionals (18:10)
  • Contest!!! What benefit would you love as a Patreon? (21:19)
  • Patreon Perk: Trainings with guests, Trainings with Rick and special videos (20:20)

Patreon Perks Contest

What is Patreon & How Does it Work?

Have more questions about Patreon Memberships? See the FAQ for Patrons

Contest Details

We need your ideas on perks for Patreon members. Tell us, for your financial support, what types of benefits would you love to receive from the show? The top 2 suggestions will win prizes!!!

1st Prize 

(1) Brain Graphic Long Sleeve Tee (XL), (1) Wrist Band, (1) Color Change Spoon, a shout on a future episode AND 30 minute Zoom Call with Rick

2nd Prize

(1) Brain Graphic Long Sleeve Tee (XL), (1) Wrist Band, (1) Color Change Spoon and a shout on a future episode

See the Prizes:

How to enter:

Prizes will mailed via UPS or USPS at our discretion. Winners will be announced in a future episode and emailed details about how to claim their prize.

Additional Resources from the Show:


Editor’s Note: Thank you to Victoria Gallagher, Selena Valentine & Grace Smith for taking the time to share your feedback to surprise Rick with congrats on making it to #50!!!

Victoria’s Episode

Selena’s Episode

Grace’s Episode

Rick works hard to produce and deliver #MindFlippers valuable content each week. On days like today, when things don’t go according to plan, he gives up time on his weekend to sort it out. He does it all with a can do attitude and a never ending smile. He’s truly dedicated to his mission of helping people live a better life.

So, if you’d like to share your own congrats or encouragement with Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group.

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