Episode 5: Marla Tabaka, Spirituality, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, Coaching, Visualization, Curiosity

Marla Tabaka is a small-business adviser who helps entrepreneurs around the globe grow their businesses well into the millions of dollars. With more than 25 years of experience in corporate and startup ventures, Marla has touched the lives and businesses of millions of people through coaching, speaking, her internet radio station, as well as her column on inc.com. She’s helped people around the globe reach as high as forty-five million dollars in annual revenues from next to nothing and continues to be amazed everyday at the change she facilitates in people as they learn more about themselves and how to be a successful entrepreneur.


Show notes:

02:01: Unexpectedly becoming a single mother

05:11: Her #1 helper in rebuilding her life

06:20: Miraculous events brought spirituality back into her life

07:05: Marketing with Meditation and Visualization

08:25: Coffee house visit led to two new careers

11:32: Coaching female entrepreneurs

13:31: Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT. Tapping

15:39: Client Mind Flipping story about overcoming fear

18:05: EFT approved by US Government for PTSD

23:47: Visualization for limiting  “I’m not good enough” thoughts and feelings

26:30: Word of the Day: Curiosity

28:42: Charging what your worth

33:26: Marla receives a Major Award

34:30: Being aware of limiting words and beliefs


Visit her website at MarlaTabaka.com

To schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session, visit www.marlatabaka.com/contact and mention the Mind Flipping Podcast

Read and subscribe to Marla’s inc.com articles at: www.inc.com/author/marla-tabaka

Rick’s Hypnosis Certification classes are at MidAmericaHypnosis.com

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