Episode 49: Ryan Smith, Coaching Veterinarians, Surviving to Thriving, The Difference Between Change and Transformation and Edutainment

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Ryan Smith is a performance and endurance coach working with executive level athletes to achieve maximal results. Using a variety of approaches, these athletes balance their personal and professional lives. His methodologies, developed and refined over time, help the individual to maximize performance by fine tuning their mental, nutritional, and physical profiles. With his partner, Dr. Jen Quammen, he helps Veterinary Professionals achieve a high performance life.
Ryan discusses his journey from Physical Education to Finance to Coaching, what led him to working with veterinarians and his very recent Mind Flip. What does it mean to thrive and why is change different than transformation? Plus he shares easy strategies and tools for flipping your mind, his belief in edutainment, his struggle with impostor syndrome and how he’s working through it.

Show Notes:
• Ryan’s cocktail party pitch (3:35)
• The thriving mindset (4:50)
• Ryan’s personal Mind Flipping Story (6:13)
• Why does Ryan now work with veterinarians? (11:20)
• Ryan’s HypnoThoughts Live Mind Flip (15:33)
• What is a Kinetic Shift? (17:26)
• Muse Headband as an easy tool for Mind Flipping (20:32)
• The other Mind Flipping tools Ryan loves to use (23:03)
• The quick method to relieve stress (24:22)
• The Spackle Round (27:29)

o Ryan’s Word of the Day
o The difference between change and transformation (28:59)
o What Ryan always thought he’d believe (30:34)
o Ryan’s current struggle (32:22)
o Ryan’s Get of Jail Card says… (35:23)
• Ryan’s request for listeners: Be kind to your veterinarian (and make sure your pets are getting regular check ups) (37:06)

Resources From the Show
• To learn more about work with Ryan, visit High Performance Living
HypnoThoughts Live
Scott Sandland on Episode 7
Muse Headband
Mindscaping from Mike Mandel
Kevin Laye Psy-Tap Interview with demonstrations

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