Episode 46: Deborah Lighthart, Intuitive Reading, Energy Healing, Angels, Prosperity

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Join me today as I speak with Deborah Lighthart, an intuitive reader, energy healer, and meditation expert that believes that you control your own future by creating it. Become spiritually enlightened as we discuss her path towards becoming an Intuitive Reader and spiritually awakened, personal mind flip experiences that allowed her to take control of her negative emotions and turn them into positive experiences, and learn how Deborah conquers her personal fear and vulnerability with positive thinking patterns, spiritual connections to guardian angels, and meditation.

Show Notes:

    • When a psychic told her as a child that she has the gift (6:00)
    • When she realized what her gift was (7:00)
    • Is there a difference between a psychic and intuitive reader? (8:00)
    • What is clairsentient? (10:00)
    • A recent mind flip experience that led Debra to live life with more emotional and spiritual presence and positivity. (12:10)
    • Her “prosperity program” that helps clients to change their financial situation (14:10)
    • The importance of recognizing emotional patterns and experiences to foster spiritual growth and positivity  (15:45)
    • Why spiritual growth and healing comes in waves and how to recognize it (18:05)
    • Why a positive perspective is important in times of emotional and/or spiritual turbulence (21:20)
    • How Debra brings clients’ guardian angels to life to connect with them spiritually (22:20)
    • How meditation allows us to connect spiritually (24:00)
    • How her guardian angel helped her realize she was an energy healer (25:00)
    • Spackle Round: Word or Phrase of the Day & Debra’s personal mantra (28:00)
    • A common belief in Debra’s field that she tends to disagree with (29:40)
    • An empowering change in belief on emotionality and hardship  (30:56)
    • Something Debra struggles with and how she overcomes this struggle (33:20)
    • Debra’s personal vulnerability and fear in life (34:00)
    • Strategies that Debra uses to flip her mind in times of vulnerability and/or fear (35:30)
    • Debra’s personal invitation for listeners to help them find positivity and spiritual growth, and connection, CLICK HERE for her special offer! (36:43)

Resources From the Show

  • Redeem your “special offer” as a valued listener of Mind Flipping HERE.
  • Explore Debra Lighthart’s website and peruse her spiritual services and readings and begin to flip your own mind and perspective.
  • Join Debra’s Healing Community on Facebook and begin to flip your mind and heal your consciousness.
  • Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram for more tips and tricks for energy healing and mind flipping techniques.
  • Subscribe to and watch Deborah’s videos on YouTube to begin your spiritual healing journey!
  • Make sure you join the Mind Flipping Facebook Group for constant updates on how to change and grow your outlook on life! Let’s flip our minds together.

As always, feel free to contact me, Rick Paddock, with any comments or questions (and reviews!) of my show. I would love to hear from you as you continue to flip your mind and become a more positive, mindful, and relaxed person!

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