EPISODE 43: Overcoming suffering through spiritual engagement, meditation, and travel with Kristi Saare Duarte

Are you suffering emotionally or spiritually and need a refreshing outlook on life? Join me today as I have an enlightening discussion with Kristi Saare Duarte, author of The Trans Migrant, who uses her own life experiences and “mind flipping moments” to realize her dream of becoming an author, adventurer, and spiritual healer. In this interview, Kristi discusses how to overcome personal fear, life’s hardships, and a negative or fearful mindset in order to flip your mind and become a more spiritually-open and positive person with a brand new outlook on life. She will share simple tricks and tips on how to foster positivity in your daily life and how to personalize the process of meditation in order to suit who YOU are.

Listen to the very end for a special offer from Kristi as you continue your mind flipping journey for peace, positivity, and mindfulness.

Kristi Saare Duarte is an author and meditation expert who performs healing readings and Reiki in order to help others flip their minds and live an awakened, spiritual life with a positive outlook.

Show Notes:

How Kristi overcame her shy nature to start adventuring and traveling at 18: 10:15

An interesting discovery about human nature and humanity while traveling: 11:42

How traveling alone helped Kristi overcome personal fear and hardship to reconnect and rediscover her true identity: 14:00

The huge event in Kristi’s life that flipped her mind and  turned her into a healer: 15:27

What Kristi tells people who suffer from grief and are mourning death of a loved one: 18:15

How flipping the way you view life and death may bring comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one: 20:30

How Kristi began to flip the minds of others through readings and practices meant to heal: 23:25

Different ways all people channel spirituality and personalized methods to begin meditation: 26:40

How all of Kristi’s mind flipping practices and life experiences led to her write The Trans Migrant 29:37

Her intended message for all people in The Trans Migrant: 35:00

Kristi’s chosen phrase of the day & simple tricks Kristi does each day to foster positivity and flip her own mind to be more peaceful, happy, and productive: 38:25

A common belief in Kristi’s field that she disagrees with: 39:45

Something that Kristi continues to struggle with: 41:38

A soul connection that gave me goosebumps and the reason why: 43:20

Kristi’s one request for all listeners that will increase world happiness: 44:20

A generous offer to help our listeners flip their minds and  increase their own life happiness, positivity, and spiritual connection: 45:00

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As always, feel free to contact me, Rick Paddock, with any comments or questions (and reviews!) of my show. I would love to hear from you as you continue to flip your mind and become a more positive, mindful, and relaxed person!


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