Episode 4: James Hazlerig. Hypnosis. Mindfulness. Storytelling. Reframing. Life Scripts

James Hazlerig holds a 250-hour certification from the International Hypnosis Federation, Advanced Certification from the International Certifying Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a 750-hour certification from the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute, as well as a Masters Degree in English. In addition to hypnosis, he has enjoyed success as a college instructor, freelance writer, champion storyteller, published author, and professional musician. He is not a medical professional or licensed counselor of any type, but his mother still loves him.

Show Notes

01:53: Storytelling in medieval re-enactments

4:35:  Life Scripts

7:20:  Getting crowds to shiver on hot days

7:30:  Clients want a better story for their life

11:11: Imagination is the language of the mind

11:56: Stories are naturally hypnotic and naturally change us

13:24: Critical Faculty

14:57: Story about “not having to do that anymore”

17:20: Reframing for quitters

19:33: Reframing story #2 – The submissive wife

20:50: The most important question that we can ask

24:08: Dungeons and Dragons

26:58: Favorite saying, by Rumi

29:43: Common belief James disagrees with

32:10: Story about mindfulness

35:54: James receives a Major Award


James Hazlerig’s Private Practice Harmony Hypnosis in Austin, TX

James and Rick were co-presenters at the 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention.  Learn from experts in the field of hypnosis from the comfort of your home.

James’ site Hypnotic Stories.

Rick’s Hypnosis Certification classes are at MidAmericaHypnosis.com

James’ Hypnotic Stories Podcast

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