Episode 39: Lydia Michalitsianos, Weight Loss, Hypnosis, Fear and Peak Performance


From extreme weight loss to a body builder in agony and finally to a happy, confident, self-actualized person, Lydia Michalitsianos opens up about her struggles and successes. She tells us how she uses her experience and training in coaching and hypnosis to help others find their own self-acceptance and happiness.

Build Yourself Inside focuses high level performance and life coaching by helping dedicated men and women who are committed achieving their goals break through emotional blocks to make the most out of life and live healthy and happily. Lydia works closely with each client in effort to transform their lives, mindset, and performance through customized, 1-on-1 hypnosis and life-coaching sessions.

Show Notes: 

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3:15 Lydia’s personal Mind Flipping Story

5:59 Two things you need to obliterate fear

7:18 What makes it hard for Lydia’s clients to lose weight?

8:37 Tony Robbins

8:55 What is self-actualization really?

9:40 The story behind Build Yourself Inside & the common issues with extreme weight loss

11:26 Wade T. Lightheart

11:45 The dark side of body building

13:00 Lydia’s Near Death Experience

17:13 Mind Flipping the rules you create for yourself

18:28 Lydia’s Financial Mind Flipping Story

19:54 Andrew T. Austin

20:26 Client Mind Flipping Story: The Woman with Narcissistic Parents

21:50 The best way to do self-hypnosis

22:26 How watering eyes got Lydia brought to hypnosis

23:54 Lydia’s Phrase of the Day

25:08 What Lydia always thought she’d believe but doesn’t anymore

26:22 Why you should work with a Dating/Relationship Specialist

28:07 The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill

30:35 What’s fear got to do with it?

32:25 What scares you?

34:45 Love vs. Acceptance

36:24 Lydia’s request for listeners: If you’re not where you want to be, you change your reality

37:02 If you’re spinning your wheels and already trying to make some changes, get your FREE 30 Minute Consultation with Lydia (a $200 value) CLICK HERE to Contact Lydia & use “Mind Flipping Offer” in the subject line.  

For more information about Lydia and her services, CLICK HERE.

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