Episode 37: Molly Gordon, The Three Principles, Signal vs. Noise, Anxiety and Freedom


Author, Mentor and Coach Trainer, Molly Gordon used to knit with fibers to create wearable art. Now Molly knits the threads of common sense, perennial wisdom, and delight in the limitless creativity and resilience of the human spirit to co-create with her clients the lives and work they love. In this conversation, she shares how and why she became a coach, what The Three Principles are and how the heck to explain them. She dives deep into their practical application in her coaching practice, business and her personal life.

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3:27 Molly’s Book: The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur

4:18 Molly’s Elevator Pitch and her journey into coaching

VW Bug Knitted Vest

8:27 “What if I said yes?” –Molly Gordon

9:36 The Marriage Mind Flip & What If

12:10 Michael Neil and the Three Principles & His Videos

12:45 How do you explain The Three Principles and why do people have such a hard time doing so?

16:29 Sydney Banks

19:19 Molly’s practical application of The Three Principles

24:03 Molly’s Mind Flipping Story: The Worrying Tween

22:41 Mind Flipping The Three Principles: When and how to do people get it?

26:30 How you feel has nothing to do with doing a job

26:57 “The question isn’t do you want to. The question is are you gonna?”—Molly Gordon

27:20 Client Mind Flipping Story: 20lbs & $20,000

32:43 The common thread of Three Principles Coaching

33:47 “How I feel about myself doesn’t give me any information about how well I’m doing.”—Molly Gordon

35:58 “Feelings are telling us what googles we are wearing.”—Jamie Smart

34:50 Signal vs. Noise: How to distinguish the two and how to cope with noise in order to focus on signal

37:36 “Everyone is smarter when they’ve settled down.”—Molly Gordon

39:26 Molly’s Mind Flipping Word of the Day

41:20 What Molly struggles with and how she uses The Three Principles to overcome it

45:15 The request Molly has for listeners: Consider what it’s like to be home in your own skin

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