Episode 35: Dr. Rob Bell, Mental Toughness, Fear, Adversity, Choosing Our Suffering and Faith

Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach and a certified consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology helping others build their Mental Toughness to perform their best when it matters the MOST! He speaks often to businesses, universities, and corporate athletes including, Marriott, Walgreens, Morgan Stanley, JVA, PGA of America, among many others.

Dr. Rob shares what mental toughness is, why it’s important and how to exercise it. Hear how participating in an Iron Man caused a HUGE Mind Flip for him personally and professionally, the importance of discomfort and the challenges he faces in his own life.

Show Notes:

2:46 What is mental toughness?

3:29 NO FEAR: A simple guide to mental toughness Movie & E-book

5:54 How to get mentally tough

6:37 Why you should choose your suffering & Victor Frankl

7:34 The importance of discomfort

9:30 Dr. Rob’s professional Mind Flipping story

13:26 What is an Iron Man and why did Dr. Rob participate in it?

15:53 Mind Flipping Question: Would you stop? Let us know in the Mind Flipping Facebook group.

18:24 Hinge Moments: It only takes one

20:01 Mind Flipping Story: The Golfer

21:42 Dr. Rob’s Phrase of the Day

22:33 The common belief in his field with which Dr. Rob disagrees

25:18 What Dr. Rob no longer believes that always thought he would

26:44 Kevin Kelly on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

28:42 Dr. Rob’s biggest struggles right now

30:36 Dr. Rob’s request for listeners: No one gets there alone. Ask for help. Give help.

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For more information, visit Dr. Rob’s website or connect with him on Twitter @drrobbell.

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