Episode 34: Jasmin Terrany, Life Therapy, Mindfulness, Being Extraordinary, the Fallacy of Failure

Jasmin Terrany, the founder of Jasmin Balance, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor certified in NLP and MBCT, who takes a holistic approach to mental health and wellness with her Life Therapy system. She works with international superstars, leaders and change-makers, from Hollywood to Hong Kong and has written several books, including the anticipated Extraordinary Mommy.

In this vulnerable conversation, Jasmin shares her story about tragedy, grief and healing, and her professional evolution. Find out her mother’s conscious parenting practice impacted Jasmin’s approach to therapy, entrepreneurship and her personal life.

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Show Notes:

3:52 How Jasmin came to Life Therapy and her mom’s conscious parenting practice role

6:32 Jasmin’s Mind Flipping Story:  Tragedy & Expansion

12:59 Jasmin’s Mind Flipping Story:  The Anniversary

16:52 About Jasmin’s new book: Extraordinary Mommy

20:20 Jasmin’s Mind Flipping Story: The Reluctant Salesperson

23:09 Mind Flipping Story: Jasmin’s Million Dollar Giving Goal

24:56 Trusting in abundance

25:41 Client Mind Flipping Story: Suffering for Success

28:14 Jasmin’s Phrase of the Day: There’s no such thing as failure

29:33 The common belief in her field with which Jasmin disagrees

32:16 Mind Flipping the glass of half full and half empty

34:06 What’s on Jasmin’s Get Out of Jail Card?

37:17 Building your meditation muscles

39:06 Jasmin’s request for listeners: Sign up to find out when her books are released!

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