Episode 11: Joan Sotkin, Coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness, Genetic Variations, Practicing Feelings, Emotional Intelligence, The Healing Power of Connection, and Iatrogenic Disease

Joan Sotkin is a coach, author, teacher and podcaster who finds it difficult to separate personal growth and development from business and finance because who we are expresses itself through whatever we do. She’s especially interested in understanding how early childhood experiences affect our business, financial, and life outcomes. In this interview, Joan discusses the original Mind Flip that started her journey, how she uses diet to treat her hypoglycemia and stay healthy at 72 years, the power of connection for healing, trusting your intuition.  In this episode, you’ll find lots of Mind Flipping Tips you can use RIGHT NOW to live a better life.   




2:45 Mind Flipping Story: Joan’s doctor told her she’d never be healthy.

4:57 What is hypoglycemia and how it was defined in the 1970s

5:15 Genetic Variation or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNIPs)

7:08 Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI): How emotions cause physical disease

8:42 Joan’s study on feelings and how she implements it in her work

10:26 What people need to heal

11:43 Iatrogenic Disease

13:43 Better living through biochemistry: Eating for fuel, the problem with sugar, diet and emotions

15:00 Example of biochemistry awareness practiced (Goldenseal)

16:00 On finding her own way: “I had to be willing to say that what they taught me was no good.” –Joan Sotkin

17:36 Why Joan gave away all her worldly possessions

18:38 Book: The Search for Connection

19:15 The source of Joan’s entrepreneurial spirit

20:06 A pound of tumbled stones, a business failure and emotional money management

25:16 Phrase of the Day: “Whatever you need shows up and whatever shows up is what you need.”

26:20 Everything is an opportunity

27:03 Mind Flip Tip: Tell your brain, “thank you for sharing, but we don’t need those messages anymore.”

27:43 What Joan loves about the Mindfulness Movement and how to use it to overcome financial fears (Make up a better story!)

28:19 TSIAMU or This Sh*! Is All Made Up – Melissa Teirs

29:05 What are “Moving Stupids”?

31:03 The common belief in her field with which Joan disagrees

32:14 Book: The Fantasy Bond

33:17 The recipe for joy: Love yourself, let go and connect

35:43 Mind Flip Tip: How to trust yourself using the kinesthetic experience in your body

38:35 The numb client’s starting point

39:05 What scares Joan?

39:53 Joan receives a Major Award: The Ruby Flipper

For more information about Joan Sotkin, visit her website or email here at joan (at) prosperityplace (dot) com.

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