Episode 10: William Mitchell, Hypnotic Phenomena, Hypnosis for Anxiety & Pain Control, Auras, Spirituality

William Mitchell is a minister, certified hypnotist, hypnotism instructor, stage performer and the organizer of the popular The Heartland Hypnosis Conference. In his conversation with Rick, he shares how he found hypnosis, what it’s done for him both personally and professionally and how he’s used it to help his clinical clients and audience when preforming. He also shares where his hypnosis practice and theology background intersect.

Show Notes:

2:44 How William got started in Hypnosis

6:33 The Hypnosis Mind Flip

7:07 Did William mention his background as a minister in his early seminars?

5:58 How his spirituality and hypnosis intersect

7:07 The power of the mind during hypnosis

10:00 What Rick learned from Larry Garrett

10:50 The unique way William recruits volunteers during stage shows and the Quit Smoking Mind Flip

12:14 Weight Loss Mind Flipping at the state fair story

12:46 Another Quit Smoking Mind Flipping story

13:29 Amnesia as a hypnotic phenomenon & Milton Erickson

15:15 How Rick came to hypnosis

15:38 How hypnosis has helped William and his family personally

18:13 What it’s like to be hypnotized

18:27 The 80 year old who couldn’t sleep

19:48 When a client discovers hypnosis is working: The conscious and unconscious mind

20:59 “Catch yourself succeeding.” –Scott Sandland

21:23 “In the days and weeks ahead you’ll notice certain indications that the results you desire are taking place.” –Milton Erickson

22:05 William’s word of the day: Aura- what happens before hypnosis takes place

22:54 What is Hypnotic Phenomena?

23:58 Dehypnotizing the client & The Law Student’s test anxiety

25:49 True anxiety suffers are more receptive to hypnosis & The Medical Student story

28:16 “Hypnosis is magical, but it’s not magic” –William Mitchell

28:27 The common belief in his field with which William disagrees: Not everyone needs age regression

30:07 What William always thought he’d believe, but doesn’t anymore

30:59 What Rick thought he’d always believe, but doesn’t anymore (hypnosis for pain control)

31:45 William’s use of hypnosis for pain control

33:03 When working with family members be mindful of dual relationships

33:27 Mindy Ash

34:33 How William manages his stellar reputation

35:09 What’s love (or fear) got to do with it?

33:17 Inside Out  (movie) & Williams belief that God given emotions can be helpful tools

36:24 The problem with anger is it’s effective at first, but then self-isolating

37:01 William Recieves a Major Award: The Golden Speaker

38:28 The Heartland Hypnosis Conference with three tracks: Clinical, Business, Stage, Metaphysical

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