Ep91: Helen Mitas on Hypnosis for Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss & Setting Intentions

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Once you are ready for change and ask the right questions, the Universe will provide the answer.

Helen Mitas

Asking the right questions is the first step to opening your mind and life to personal and professional success. Listen as Helen Mitas, hypnotherapist, shares her personal journey to overcome depression and anxiety, and how hypnotherapy transformed her world.   

Helen Mitas was recently awarded “Hypnotist of the Year” at the mid-America Hypnosis Conference and has helped personally mentor over 800 hynotherapists in ten different countries. Through her practice in Melbourne, Australia and throughout the world, Helen works with clients to overcome mental and physical barriers to success, such as anxiety, depression, and struggles with weight. 

Show Notes:

  • What is mindflipping? (0:47) 
  • How Helen overcame anxiety to join the Mind Flipping and Hypnotherapy business (6:15) 
  • How a clinical psychologist used hypnotherapy to transform Helen’s mind and anxiety (8:08) 
  •  How Helen’s mind flip through hypnotherapy led to a yearning for a big career change (9:44)
  • How a colleague in corporate helped Helen understand her own potential for success (12:29)
  • The importance of asking the right questions when you are ready for change (15:25) 
  • How Helen’s specialty in weight loss led to hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression (16:36) 
  • How Helen’s own battle with insecurity, doubt, and anxiety impacted her mind flipping journey (17:35) 
  • Helen’s advice for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety (20:36)
  • How hypnotherapy helps clients get to the root of their mental health struggles (21:30) 
  • Helen describes the best way to look at life’s challenges (23:49) 
  • Rick describes how his own challenges led him to mind flipping and hypnosis (24:48)
  • The Spackle Round (25:30)

Additional Resources:

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together! 

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