Ep48: A Goosebumps Greatest Hits Special Edition

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A look back at 6 Mind Flipping stories that gave me and my editor, Carrie, ‘goosebumps.’ While this isn’t a full list, it has some of the our favorite life changing stories heard on the show.

#1 Dr. Rob Bell shares what he learned about himself when he had a flat tire during an Iron Man competition. It inspired him to completely change his life and his perspective. (1:45)

Listen to Dr. Rob’s full episode HERE.

#2 Your host, Rick Paddock, lowest point in 2008 was the catalyst for his journey into Mind Flipping. (Carrie picked this one!!) (7:10)

Listen to Rick’s full episode HERE.

#3 Selena Valentine’s client was given the heartbreaking diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility, which meant there were no good medical solutions for a woman unable, but hoping to conceive. She purchased a 12 pack of Selena’s sessions… and the rest is happy history. (10:48)

Listen to Selena’s full episode HERE.

#4 Wade Lightheart’s near death experience changed everything for him. (13:41)

Listen to Wade’s full episode HERE.

#5 Kelley Woods began working with a terminal cancer patient struggling with his diagnosis and mortality. Before his death, he received the most precious gift imaginable. (17:34)

Listen to Kelley’s full episode HERE.

#6 Victoria Gallagher receives clarity: Mental wellness is just as much a practice as physical wellness. And it only takes a little each day to Flip Your Mind. (21:39)

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