Ep27: Wade T. Lightheart, Awesome Health, Peak Performance, Gut Health, Body Building, Meditation

Get Wade’s 12 week Awesome Health Course for FREE! Wade is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition, Founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance, Enagic Master Trainer. He is also the author of  several books, including the best-selling books
Staying Alive in a Toxic World and The Wealthy Backpacker. Wade is also the host of The Awesome Health Podcast.

Wade shares how loss, body building, quiet and being rejected by monks led him on a path that would change his life and flip his mind. He also shares tips for cultivating health, wealth and success in your life.

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Show Notes:


2:50 The two different types of Mind Flips

3:48 Wade’s Reflective Mind Flipping Story

6:12 “To me the only risk is not taking your shot.”—Wade Lightheart

7:02 The problem with devices & benefits of quiet space

8:00 Wade’s personal Mind Flipping Story: The benefit of being rejected my Monks

11:05 The pain of indecision

12:06 The vision that lead Wade to meditation

13:17 Using psychedelics as tool

13:56 Tim Ferris Podcast with Phil Khogeon

15:16 Wade’s Mind Flipping Story: Body Building from the Inside Out

18:33 Mind Flipping health and disease

21:45 Client Mind Flipping Story: The Crumbling 22 year old Body

24:14 The power of encouragement

24:49 Deep & Simple Hypnosis

24:53 Word of the Day: Awesome

27:19 Wade’s gift of the Near Death Experience

31:28 Cultivating a sense of urgency in your life

33:06 What’s on Wade’s Internal Get Out of Jail Free Card?

34:12 How to achieve greatness, success and excellence

36:59 “The only way out is further in.” – Wade Lightheart

38:05 Tom vs. Time

38:31 The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

40:10 Wade’s Request for Listeners: Invest in your health

43:01 About BIOptimizers


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