Ep25: Nathan Segal, PTSD, Modeling, Anchoring, Tricks of the Mind, Pain versus Suffering

Nathan Segal, artist, writer and Host of the podcast The Thought Hackers shares how he used proven NLP techniques and an amazing coach to heal his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

For decades Nathan, he was troubled by the pain of abuse that went back to his childhood and traumatic events in his adult life. Despite his strong spiritual practices and achieving many milestones, his mental suffering remained. In 2016, a chance encounter with life coach Hamish completely dissolved his PTSD and all the symptoms vanished. In the wake of this transformation, he is now an advocate, speaker and coach for those seeking complete relief from PTSD.

Show Notes:

2:30 Nathan’s personal Mind Flipping Story: The Inner War

3:10 Using Anchoring to get rid of the noise in your mind

7:37 Why Nathan sought the help of a coach

8:11 From Self-Sabotage to Self-Made Millionaire & Beyond Limits

8:56 Eckhart Tolle & the NLP technique Modeling

10:16 The 3 major NLP techniques that changed Nathan’s life

12:01 “Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.” –Unknown

15:06 What caused Nathan’s PTSD

16:35 The power of sharing your story

18:49 Joseph Campbell “A Hero’s Journey”

19:14 Art as metaphor for the mind

21:24 Phrase of the Day: PTSD is not a life sentence

22:19 A common belief with which Nathan disagrees

23:24 Challenging the belief that you can’t heal from PTSD

24:27 “You must stop blaming other bull for your pain.”—Nathan Segal

25:02 The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

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