Ep23: Caryn Bird on Adoption, Seasons of Life, Hypnosis for Bedwetting, This too shall pass, Being Confident

Caryn Bird holds a B.A in Psychology with career experience in the psychology field, marketing and the corporate world. Caryn became interested in hypnosis when she and her husband chose to birth their third child using HypnoBirthing. Because of her birthing success story, her obstetrician encouraged her to teach the course. Caryn became a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in 2003 and a year later a Consulting Hypnotist. She specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis and Mental Toughness Training. Caryn has helped hundreds of athletes, including collegiate and Olympic Trail athletes, achieve their goals and dreams.  Win With hypnosis is located in Burlington, WI.

Caryn shares her journey into hypnotherapy, how children respond to hypnosis and her experience using hypnosis to improve athletic performance.

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2:34 Hypnosis Practitioners Training Institute (HPTI) Summer School— Just $39 for the first 100 registrants

4:32 Caryn’s personal Mind Flipping Story  

6:37 “This too shall pass.”

7:20 Caryn’s call to be a foster parent

9:20 From hypnobirthing to hypno-therapy

11:32 Client Mind Flippings: Bedwetting & The Magic Mind

13:46 Client Mind Flipping Story: Faster Swimmers &  The Mental Mind

16:17 Caryn’s Phrase of the Day: Be kind.

16:32 Caryn’s The Word of the Day: Confidence

18:03 What Caryn believes now that she didn’t think she ever would

19:21 Milton Erickson: “I can keep my doubt to myself”

21:34 What Caryn’s Get out of Jail card would say

22:31 What scare’s Caryn

23:32 Working through pain with clients

24:40 Caryn’s request for listeners: Find your confidence

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