Ep22: Kevin Cole: Hypnosis for Tourette’s, Asperger’s, Getting Over a Breakup, Acting, Core Values

Kevin Cole is considered to be a master when it comes to Purposeful Empowerment®. Kevin lived through a severely dysfunctional childhood which included being raised by a mother who suffered from severe schizophrenia and passed away when he was only 12 years of age, leading to a severe depression which pushed him to the point of attempting to end his life on two separate occasions.

In this candid conversation, Kevin Cole opens up about growing up with a mentally ill mother, his struggle to find his true purpose in life and his journey to helping others using hypnosis and NLP.

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Show Notes:

2:57 Kevin’s personal Mind Flipping Story

5:57 Kevin’s first ‘aha!’ moment & Paul Ekman

6:26 Amy Cuddy Power Poses

7:21 Tony Robbins

8:31 The reason for Kevin’s drug phobia

9:20 “I was at the mercy of thinking I had to wait for good things to happen in life.”—Kevin Cole

11:10 Episode with Tony Piparo & Rick’s Smile Video

12:56 Kevin’s pivot to professional hypnosis and coaching

13:58 Kevin’s using of acting to transform people’s lives

15:13 Core Values as a roadmap

16:00 What is Secondary Gain?

18:56 Core Values to find your true purpose in life

19:24 City Slickers

23:28 The 4 things every organism on the planet does

26:18 Client Mind Flipping Story: Tourette’s Syndrome

29:18 Student Mind Flipping Story: High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome)

44:29 Get Over a Breakup Fast (The first 5 listeners can use Code MINDFLIPPING to get it FREE)

46:53 Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Love

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55:25 Kevin’s Phrase of the Day: Sh*! Don’t Matta

60:17 YouTube video: Phobia Mapping Across

To learn more about Kevin, his services and his training program, visit Empowerment Quest International.

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