Ep21: Curtis Ryals, Ethics in Hypnosis, Morality, Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind, Reality vs. Imagination

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Curtis shares his personal Mind Flipping journey and his professional transition from bioethics to hypnosis. He discusses the problems with the subconscious mind and defining hypnosis, the usefulness of awareness and sinking into the burn. Plus, the stigma of being a hypnotist.

Curtis is a certified hypnotherapist and the director of the Madison Hypnosis Center who has been practicing hypnosis since 2002.  He has a degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and  Master’s degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. In addition to helping people through hypnosis, Curtis is an expert in the field of bioethics, and provides training to other hypnotists in ethical considerations.

Show Notes:

4:11 Curtis’ green pepper Mind Flipping Story

9:04 Curtis’ background in neuroscience and martial arts

9:57 Choose FI podcast

10:45 Curtis’ Career Fear Mind Flipping Story

13:00 Consider the consequences of not making change

13:40 Client Mind Flipping Story: The Last Resort

15:46 The strategies Curtis used to help his client

16:46 What is an Affect Bridge?

17:30 Client Mind Flipping Story: Tinnitus

18:30 Rick’s Client Mind Flipping Story: Chronic Pain

20:48: Curtis’ Phrase of the Day: Knowing without doing is the same as not knowing

23:08 The Common belief in his field with which Curtis disagrees  (subconscious controversy)

27:00 Consciousness vs. Subconsciousness

25:00 Become the author of your story

30:33 Critical Function

33:16 The Decision Making Awareness Study

34:38 Daniel Dennett

35:00 The Connectionist Model

36:37 The Jennifer Aniston Neuron

38:38 What scares Curtis?

42:26 How Curtis used self-hypnosis to commit to his decision

43:16 The fine line between meditation and self-hypnosis

46:24 The type of self-hypnosis Curtis uses

47:57 “When it burns, sink deeper.” Curtis Ryals

49:16 Curtis’ offer for listeners: CLICK HERE for the ethics in hypnosis excerpt

Check out Curtis’ HypnoEthics – Ethics Certification for the Professional Hypnotist.

For more information about Curtis and his practice CLICK HERE.

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