Ep20: Rick Paddock, Starting Over, Mr. Rogers, Phobias, Flipping Houses and Minds

Rick shares his background, personal Mind Flipping stories, his favorite client stories, why he became a student of the mind and why he started the podcast. Plus, hear Rick’s answers to The Spackle Round questions.   

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Show Notes:

4:37 Rick’s background  

5:42 Rick began thinking about Mind Flipping at an early age

6:50 His careers and first experience flipping- houses that is!

7:42 How the Real Estate bust brought Rick to hypnosis

8:23 Rock bottom: When the lights went out

10:13 Mind Flipping Moment: Our outside world doesn’t determine our inside world

11:48 Rick’s favorite Mind Flipping strategies: Get them when you subscribe to the newsletter  (Emotional Detox, Bilateral Stimulation and Mindfulness tutorials)

12:44 Client Mind Flipping story: The story of the missing necklace

13:55 Client Mind Flipping story: Overcoming a medical phobia to get pregnant

14:45 Client Mind Flipping story: The power of hypnosis

15:20 Client Mind Flipping story: Fear of flipping

16:29 Phrase of the Day: “Deep and Simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.” –Mr. Rogers

17:48 What Rick always thought he’d believe, but doesn’t now

18:48 The common belief in his field with which Rick disagrees

19:50  What’s love got to do with it?

20:48 Why Rick created this podcast

22:26 Rick’s challenge for you: List 3 things you love everyday 30 days

For more information about Rick’s practice and how he can help you, visit Milwaukee Hypnosis and Wellness Center. If you’re interested in hypnosis training and education, visit MidAmerica Hypnosis. Just want to improve your swing? Visit Golf on the Brain to find out how hypnosis can help you on the green.  

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