Ep19: Jessica Moore, Emotional Intelligence, Heart Wisdom, Meditation, the Purpose & Power of Emotions

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What does emotional intelligence or EQ really mean? How can you begin to raise your EQ and use it for Mind Flipping? Jessica Moore shares what led her to learn about emotional intelligence and emotional training, the price of being disconnected from her feelings, her Shamanic Practice, common emotion myths, the science of emotions, and why negative emotions are important.

Jessica Moore is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and being surrounded by the New Age community has made her a staunch advocate for grounded and effective methods of healing and transformation. Her love for wildlife and nature first led her to a Bachelors of Science in Forest Ecology, and then into years of wilderness skills studies at the Tracker School. These were stepping stones in a lifelong quest to discover how we can become better humans in the world, which has culminated in 6 years of shamanic practice and her DEI licensing. Her passion for personal growth and empowerment fuels her learning and teaching. 

Show Notes: 

2:33 Mind Flipping story: How Jessica went from Vulcan Philosophy (using logic over emotions) to learning the importance of emotion 

4:45 The difference between between feeling emotion and expressing emotion

6:02 The path of Jessica’s Mind Flipping journey

7:01 The personal price Jessica paid for not being connected to her heart or emotions

8:28 The external spark that started Jessica’s transformation

9:44 What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

11:13 Sensitive people and hyper-empaths

12:19  The correlation of highly sensitive people and anxiety

12:55 Book: The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren and the lack of emotional education in society

14:24 The cultural challenge of emotions: The myth that emotions just happen to us 

15:20 The science of emotions 

16:20 The value of negative emotions and emotional labels

17:22 Emotions are just indicators to take care of something

18:23 Mind Flip Tip: How to use emotions to gain valuable information

19:27 What is emotional intelligence (EQ)?

22:01 What is Dynamic Emotional Integration?

22:04 Empathic Accuracy, Emotional Contagion and Perspective Taking

24:04 Paul Bloom’s Against Empathy and the scientific debate around empathy

25:32 The emotional perspective that’s bigger than science 

26:48 Jessica’s Word of the Day: Schadenfreude 

28:07 Feeling and regulating emotions is tied to our ability to communicate our emotions 

29:05 The common belief in her field with which Jessica disagrees 

32:34 The tricky part of working with overwhelming emotions 

33:12 Emotions are action requiring neurological programs 

34:56 The Shamanistic practice Jessica uses in with her clients 

36:26 Mind Flip Tip: Down-regulating your emotions in the moment

37:29 What Jessica always thought she’d believe but doesn’t now

38:23 What is wisdom?

38:15 Jessica gets a Major Award!

40:09 Get Jessica’s 13 page guide to Discovering Your Emotional Genius HERE

To learn more about Jessica, visit her website HERE.  

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