Ep18: Elizabeth Miner, Taking Action, Dreaming, Goal Setting and Achievement

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Elizabeth Miner, as a young single mother of two children, struggled financially, living below or at the poverty level with sights on a better life. She developed a successful professional career with only a high school diploma and was able to raise her family out of poverty. She now runs her own business and helps others follow their dreams, overcome challenges and sometimes even start their own businesses. In this conversation, Elizabeth shares practical mind flipping advice and one simple thing you can do right now to start building a better life.


Show Notes:

3:08 Elizabeth’s own Mind Flipping Story: Shifting from a poverty mindset to a growth mindset

4:43 The importance of ignoring naysayers

5:25 Goal Setting

6:12 Elizabeth’s childhood experiences taught her tenacity

8:04 Who influenced Elizabeth’s Mind Flip?

8:39 Elizabeth isn’t a huge fan of this

9:20 Adding value: From waitressing to the corporate world

10:10 Birds!

11:05 How a coffee date started Elizabeth’s Life Coach career

14:38 Rick’s client story: Being a role model

15:31 Elizabeth’s Client Mind Flipping Story: From low wage worker to a career at Google

19:31 The first step to Mind Flip is to Dream

21:39 Mind Flip Tip: What you can to right now to trigger dreaming

22:35 Mind Flipping Story: What lights you up?

25:05 Derrick Sivers

25:32 Elizabeth’s phrase of the day: Tomorrow’s aren’t guaranteed

26:40 Elizabeth’s meditative practices

27:52 The common belief in her field with which Elizabeth disagrees

29:08 Rick’s client story

30:30 What Elizabeth always thought she’d believe, but doesn’t anymore

32:22 The past pains and obstacles that Elizabeth now sees as a gift

33:29 “I was a dead dog shy of a hit country song”

34:46 How Elizabeth’s uses her past struggles to help others

35:02 Use your obstacles to do some Mind Flipping

36:10 How The Flipside to Failure came to be

37:08 The Tree of Life: Nourish your foundation so you can thrive this day

39:00 Elizabeth receives a Major Award!

40:02 A request for listeners: Tell Elizabeth what’s standing between you and your dreams


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