Ep16, Tony Piparo, Golf, Peak Performance, Self-Hypnosis, Meditation

Dr. Tony Piparo is an author, researcher, and Peak Performance Coach. He has successfully helped hundreds of people from all walks of life, both adults and children, improve their ability to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties.
Dr. Piparo has a Masters in Education and Kinesiology (Study of human Movement) and a Ph.D. In Performance Psychology. He has also received additional training in Human Development, Applied Kinesiology, Brain Gym, and Trauma Release Therapy. In addition to the work he does with golfers, (which is how he and Rick met) he applies many of the same processes and principals to help other athletes and business professionals succeed in even the most demanding competitive experiences.

Show notes:
[3:43] Tony’s personal mind flipping story – a Mind Flip while playing golf

[7:13] Test anxiety client story

[7:45] Stress and anxiety de-activation routine

[8:13] Client with panic attacks found relief w/Tony’s help

[10:22] “Success comes to those who activate the powers of their mind”

[12:40] Personal golfing success led to working with golfers as a coach

[13:50] Research in sports psychology led to Tony’s education choices

[14:40] Everyone can benefit from sports psychology research

[15:38] Fight or flight response

[18:30] Tony helps clients with simple techniques to flip out of anxiety

[19:02] Performance breathing

[20:27] The power of a smile in changing / tricking our brain

[22:53] Rick’s smile video

[25:10] Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief

[26:00] Tony’s personal story about depression and it’s cause

[27:10] Pharmaceutical drug trials and placebos

[28:40] Michael Ellner’s wisdom – A.N.T.S. Automatic Negative Thinking Syndrome and F.D.D. Fun Deficiency Disorder

[30:00] Destination addiction

[31:00] Michael Neill’s Inside Out Revolution

[31:48] Phrase of the day

[33:18] Epigenetics and quantum physics confirms the power of mind flipping

[34:10] John Kennedy Mind Flipping Episode

[35:18] Confidence is hogwash. Competence is more important

[36:30] The effect of negative thoughts and self-talk in life and sports

[38:45] Nothing breeds confidence like success

[39:40] Thoughts change your physiology, positively or negatively

[41:30] “Good Job” is an empowering response to fight or flight feelings

[43:29] Tony’s fear of heights and his response to it

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