Ep14: Riana Milne, Divorce, Dating, Relationships, Love and the Top 10 Childhood Traumas

Riana Milne is a Best Selling author, Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In this conversation, Riana discusses how adult problems and relationship issues are rooted in childhood trauma. Plus, Riana shares what you can do right now to start healing your trauma. See the show notes at MindFlipping.com to learn how to get your FREE session with Riana!  


 Shows Notes:


[2:48] Riana explains how and why she began to focus on Trauma Therapy


[7:43] An aha! moment regarding a study focusing on ACE (Adverse Childhood Event)


[8:45] The significance of unconscious emotional triggers


[10:15] The 3 hats Riana wears and the roles they play


[11:25] A recent personal experience regarding her own trauma


[12:25] Steve Jobs as an example of someone who experienced childhood trauma


[15:25] What is the Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session?


[17:00] Mind Flipping Trauma Exercise and the 10 Childhood Traumas


[22:22] Community Trauma (and mass shootings)


[24:29] Childhood Trauma in hindsight (and Riana’s own discovery of childhood trauma)


[26:34] Client Mind Flipping Story: You’re never too old for a Mind Flip


[27:01] Rick’s own childhood trauma of loss


[28:40] Codependent Relationships


[30:44] What is Narcissism & the checklist Riana developed to help narcissists make better choices


[32:20] Relationship Mind Flip for successful women


[34:28] Money Mindset & Trauma


[35:48] Phrases of the Day: It’s time to have the life you desire & the love you deserve.

You can’t change what you don’t understand.


[36:12] The common belief in Riana’s field with which she disagrees


[38:32] What Riana always thought she’d believe but doesn’t now


[40:08] Mind Flipping Story: What happens when a partner doesn’t want help solve a relationship problem?


[42:48] The Return on Investment in Riana’s sessions


[44:53] Riana receives the Glowing Heart!


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2) FREE Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session – a $500 value- CLICK HERE to contact Riana and tell her your story. Let Riana know you’re a Mind Flipper to get your free session!

For more information about Riana, visit her website. Riana can also be found on Facebook, YouTube, the Trauma Related Facebook Group, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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