Ep13: John Kennedy: Neuroplasticity, Digital Training vs. Analog Training, Anticipation, The Loyola Chicago Ramblers Basketball Team

John Kennedy is a pioneer in the field of Applied Neuroplasticity and created the worlds first Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program in 2007 at the request of the US Marines. To date thousands of people from high performers, including The Loyola Ramblers, to those struggling with brain disorders have benefited from his training.

John Kennedy used neuroplasticity to train Marines to anticipate and react to IEDs used in combat. Now he’s using that training to help the everyday person. In this conversation, John shares how he’s used his training for Mind Flipping and the importance of using movement and experience to build your neuropathways for effective, lasting change and performance enhancement.


[2:55] How John became went from Processing Re-engineering Consultant to Neuroplasticity & how he used it to help the United States Marine Corps.

[5:45] What is Neuroplasticity?

[8:29] Using Neuroplasticity for IED Combat Training

[9:50] Why does on person process information and other doesn’t in a critical situation?

[10:27] Cognitive Prime Anticipation: Break it down, think it through, execute

[11:24] Creating more connections in your brain and enhancing brain function through experiences

[11:58] Digital Dementia & Analog vs. Digital Training

[13:01] Progressively Accelerated Cognitive Exertion: Combining visualization and movement

[15:11] Zombie Thinking & High Performers

[16:04] Training the Loyola Ramblers & other athletes  

[19:00) The secret of high performance: 95% preparation & 5% execution

[20:06] The young cellist and the depressed teen Mind Flipping Stories

[22:08] Effective Digital Brain Training alternatives

[23:06] The difference between digital (near effect) and analog (far effect) brain training

[24:17] How to do you do analog training if you work in a digital world?

[24:57] Duplicate John’s Training NOW with this simple exercise

[26:32] Creating the flow-state (Zombie Thinking) & and another exercise to try when you have a problem getting out of bed in the morning

[29:36] Phrase of the Day: Zombie Thinking! Creating productive unconscious thought

[30:02] The common belief in his field with which John disagrees

               Mental Performance Institute’s Brain Training analysis

[34:48] What John always though he’d believe, but doesn’t anymore

[36:31] John’s first Mind Flipping Moment

[38:35] What’s John excited about right now? (and some basketball talk)

[44:25] John’s listener request: Be an aware parent


For more information about John’s work and training program, visit Mental Performance Institute or Combat Brain Training. If you’d like to contact John, use the contact form HERE & mention Mind Flipping! 

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