EP108: One Truth, One Law, Our Inner Voice and Awakening with Erin Werley

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Erin Werley, author of ONE TRUTH, ONE LAW: I AM, I CREATE, discusses what she's learned on her decade long journey of spirituality.

The secret to The Secret: Explore oneness with God and manifestation from the inside out and learn why and how the ego plays an essential role. 

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Who is Erin?

Erin Werley is an author at the forefront of spiritual awakening. She started talking to God in her head in 2011. Along the way, she fell in love, got married and had two of the best kids in the world.


Erin’s journey to oneness

The secret in The Secret

Erin’s unique approach

The role of the ego

Time is malleable 

The concessions of language

What are we really creating with our thoughts?

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