My Story

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!  I'm Rick Paddock, a Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Coach, Author, and Flipper.

I love flipping!  But I didn't always know how.

You see, I started flipping houses about 20 years ago, and was not very good at it to be honest with you.  Actually, I was always good at the math part of it (figuring out how to make a profit), but the renovating and updating - getting rid of the old and making it look good and smell good - I soon realized I was better off leaving that for someone else.

Once I realized I could make changes quickly and easily, in the houses and in my business, by hiring the best to do what took me way too long, it didn't take long for my real estate investment business to take off.  I bought, flipped, wholesaled and rented properties at a nice steady pace, slowly growing my portfolio.

Until the market crashed.  It was 2008, and I was screwed.  I had re-invested my profits in more properties, instead of setting some aside for this "rainy season". So I now had 30+ rentals, poor tenants (because anyone that could buy homes did and only the lowest of the low (i.e bad tenants) were renting), banks that stopped lending, and properties I couldn't sell.

To make matters worse, I was a single dad with a new girlfriend.  In no time, not only were my finances upside down, but my mood, outlook and mind were crashing as well.

I was depressed, anxious and losing control of the one thing I always took pride in "controlling" - my mind. I knew I needed a change.  In my finances, my profession and my mindset.

And that's when I stumbled upon hypnosis.

Once I understood how our mind works, with the help of hypnosis, and then hypnosis and coach training, I remembered what I had forgotten.  That our lives are created from the inside-out, not the outside-in.  That our thoughts and feelings are something we can choose, rather than accepting those that are programmed into us without our desire or consent.  And when I opened my hypnosis business and hypnosis training division, I saw (and continue to daily!) that anyone can flip their minds and lives!

And that brings us here.  Mind Flipping is about tapping into our own powerful design.  Like the homes we live in, our minds, bodies and lives are designed to change.  We are built for growth, renovation and updating.

Like our homes, as we move through life we need to update our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits, actions and reactions.  If we want to get the optimum performance, enjoyment and value from the home of our soul, we have a responsibility to ourselves and those in our lives, to do our part, and to live our best life now.

So this site, podcast and the resources shared are done so with the intention to help you do just that.  Now, with the help of World-Class experts in meditation, neuroscience, hypnosis, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and more, you have access to the best  at helping you build your best life now.

Like the experts that showed me change can be quick and easy in my house flipping business, here you'll find access to the best in the world at helping you renovate and update your mind and life!

In Joy & Love,


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