Ep99: Music, Comedy, Mindfulness, love and fear with BriGuel

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Musicians Brianne and Miguel share their thoughts on art’s important role in life, mindfulness and how it can lead to concrete changes for kids as well as adults. What simple things can do you to make your world a better place to live? Plus, they share their own Mind Flipping stories along with the importance of love and laughter.

BriGuel is an NYC based artist couple – Brianne and Miguel, they both are Holocaust descendants who create very unique and inspiring music that has been receiving a lot of praise in North America. They were recently scheduled to appear on Good Morning America show and will be covered in Billboard Magazine issue next month.

They are all about meditation, consciousness, spirituality, mental health, and wellbeing.  Moreover, they just started an exciting collaboration with the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore that aims to support underprivileged youth. 

Show Notes:

  • Working on a reality show (5:06)
  • Where art and Mind Flipping coverge with the Holistic Life Foundation (8:37)
  • Simple ways to make the world a better place (11:19)
  • Educating and inspiring kids to be Mind Flippers (12:21)
  • How and why BriGuel started (14:39)
  • The benefits of working together (17:21)
  • Their own Mind Flipping story (18:29)
  • Using love as Mind Fliping Tool (20:46)
  • Preparing for a new baby! (24:53)
  • The Spackle Round (27:29)
    • Spiritual lessons learned from their ancestors
    • The type of comedy and comedians they enjoy

Additional Resources:

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together! 

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