Ep96: Intuition, Healing and Coaching with Marci Moberg

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Intuitive Coach Marci stepped into her intuitive gifts after lots of prodding from grandfather. She explains the difference between empathy, intuition, and being psychic, what happens to fear when you embrace intuition and how you can embrace your own gifts. Plus the incredible science and spirituality of plants!

In Marci’s words…“My life is dedicated to helping people to stand in their personal power, tune into their inner wisdom, integrate their shadows to be whole, and gather courage to be themselves to boldly live a life of authenticity.  To live the life they were born to live.”

Show Notes:

Marci’s Elevator Pitch (7:20)

Common questions about intuition (8:20)

How Marci works with her clients (11:00)

Are you born intuitive? (12:25)

How Marci came to embrace her gifts (14:25)

What stops people from following their intuition? (27:53)

We use intuition everyday without realizing it (31:08)

The difference between intuition, empathy and psychic ability (32:30)

The importance of boundaries (37:02)

The Spackle Round (44:21)

What excites Marci? 

How plants and trees communicate (46:57)

Marci (and Rick’s) Phrase of the Day (51:42)

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