EP80: Top 5 Misunderstandings, Misconceptions and Mistakes in Hypnosis

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Rick talks about the top 5 “misses” for hypnotists and hypnotherapists (or anyone in the helping fields). From what makes change effective, using the right techniques to if it’s really okay to be part time in this business.  

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Show Notes:

  • Where Rick has been and where he’ll be in August
  • Shout out to listeners
  • Listener Mail: Margins of Reality
  • 1 Mistake: It’s all about process and technique (7:37)
  • 2 Misconception: Change only happens in the suggestive state (10:35)
  • 3 Misunderstanding: Problems are complicated (13:48)
  • 4 Misconception: You need to master all the skills to be an effective practitioner (18:15)
  • 5 Misconception: If you’re not full time, you’re not a real hypnotherapist (22:00)

Additional Resources:

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