EP72: Martin Castor Peterson on Past Lives, Potential, and having the Courage to Change

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Join me today as I discuss mind flipping in order to find your inner courage with one of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Martin Castor Peterson! This conversation is enthralling as we delve into Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy and how it turned Martin from the biggest hypnotherapy skeptic into an enthusiastic advocate of its spiritual healing potential. In this episode, you will learn the importance of shifting away from your problems in order to access your potential, and how hypnotherapy can help you find your path in life.

Show Notes:

  • Martin discusses how he turned a 3 minute Denmark’s Got Talent audition into a 12 minute audition by taking control of the situation.
  • Martin discusses his first experience with past life regression therapy and how this lead to a major mind and cleared his previous misconceptions regarding hypnotherapy.
    • He discusses how he confirmed his past life regression as a young Jewish boy during the beginning of WWII by traveling to Germany with is family. What turned Martin into a believer in hypnotherapy?
  • Why Martin Castor Peterson believes that all hypnotherapy is valid– as long as it is client-centered.
  • Martin Castor Peterson discusses why client narratives–whether made-up or real– can help them find courage to make meaningful change in their lives.
  • Martin explains how one hypnotherapy session helped a Special Op’s soldier begin to flip his mind and heal.
  • Martin explains the importance of shifting from problem-focused to potential focused, and how you can use hypnotherapy to do it.
  • The Spackle Round (39:57)
    • Martin’s word or phrase of the day!
    • What is something that you’ve experienced recently that changed how you view something in your life?
    • Martin shares current struggles in his life.
    • Martin’s special request for listeners is simple: follow him on social media to learn more about future opportunities!

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