Ep69: Karen Aberle, Love, Commitment, Radical Authenticity and Personal Responsibility

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Relationship. Not Relationships.

Karen Aberle

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Join me today as I discuss mind flipping, hardship, love, vulnerability, and finding joy in life with fellow mind flipper, coach, and author Karen Aberle, who wrote Love’s Invisible Dance: The 7 Keys to Authentic, Joyful, and Lasting Relationship. As a coach, she teaches individuals and corporations how to navigate through hardship in relationship, see challenges as opportunities, and change how we see life in order to find joy, satisfaction, love, and inner peace.

Show Notes:

  • Karen’s first mind flip and why hardship is an opportunity (0:00-3:15)
  • How divorce and career changes led to Karen’s initial eureka moments.
  • How the language you use helps build the reality that you live in.
    • Karen discusses six “linguistic moves” to express intention in language.
    • Learn the three ways to create your world through the words you use.
  • Why people struggle to distinguish facts from opinions, and how this can create frustration in the world.
  • Why Karen chose to leave the “s” off of “relationship” in her book title.
  • Why understanding the active role of “relationship” is important in learning how to dance life’s dance.
    • Why we don’t learn “relationship” in school, and why Karen believes we should.
  • How a traditional Shaman vision quest led to a spiritual mind flip in Karen’s marriage.
  • Why it is important to recognize the interconnectedness of the world.
  • The Spackle Round
    • Karen’s interesting and powerful word or phrase of the day!
    • Why it’s important to be vulnerable.
    • The three commitments that people need to make to each other in order to create an enduring and lasting relationship with one another.
    • One important question to continue to ask the people you love.
    • A special request for listeners!

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