EP68: G. Brian Benson on Self-Awareness, Intuition, and leaving the “Comfort Zone”

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I have a conversation with author, coach, and creative G. Brian Benson, who truly believes in flipping your mind in order to achieve success. He has published a variety of different books and poetry, and he specializes in teaching others to follow their intuition through self-awareness in order to step out of their comfort zone. He wants to help others tap into their own intuition and creativity in order to leave their “comfort zone” and live their most inspired lives!

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Show Notes:

  • Why it’s important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. (4:20)
  • G. Brian Benson’s first mind flipping adventure. (6:43)
  • Why stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge worth taking. (9:00)
  • The role that self-awareness and intuition play to help create balance in your life.  (12:35)
  • G. Brian Benson’s first book, Brian’s List, and how it can help you flip your life!  (17:00)
  • How G. Brian Benson defines success and what that means for you! (18:20)
  • Tips on how to stimulate your creativity! (21:30)
  • A movie that inspired Rick and could inspire you! (23:40)
  • The Spackle Round (24:41)
    • Brian’s word or phrase of the day! (24:51)
    • Two things that made Brain uncomfortable. (25:58)
    • Something that scares Brian. (29:00)
    • How far ahead into the future does Brian G. Benson typically plan? (30:39)
    • His special offer for listeners! Sign up for G. Brian Benson’s newsletter and receive a special PDF, “7 Reasons Why People Do Not Accomplish Their Dreams and How to Overcome Them.”
    • What does the “G” stand for in his name? (33:02) \

Additional Resources from the Show:

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