Episode 65: Marc Mawhinney, Coaching, Capitalism, The Mushy Middle and Memento Mori

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Coaching isn’t like Star Wars. It’s getting somebody from point A to point B.

Marc Mawhinney

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Marc Mawhinney was a proud “lone wolf” until life presented him with personal and financial challenges that he couldn’t rough out alone. After discovering the benefits of coaching, both personally and professionally, Marc experienced a mind flip that allowed him to discover his true passion– coaching other coaches on how to find professional business success and grow their clientele! Marc now runs his own coaching business and hosts a podcast all about becoming  “Natural Born Coaches” along with the “Mark Mawhinney Minute!”  Listen today as we discuss how Marc used coaching to transform life’s challenges into professional opportunities– something we all could do with a little coaching!

Show Notes:

  • How the crash in real estate led to his professional triumph in coaching. (3:30)
  • Traits that make somebody a good coach and how you can develop them (6:15)
  • What coaching isn’t (7:10)
  • Why coaching is a partnership between coach and client (10:00)
  • Marc’s first Mind Flip and why being liked won’t make your business successful (11:59)
  • What led Marc from the real estate world into the coaching world (16:48)
  • How coaches can get more clients without paid advertising (20:52)
  • Why selling your product is the number one priority (22:00)
  • The Spackle Round (22:55)
    • A common belief in Marc’s field that he disagrees with (23:30)
    • Marc’s Word or Phrase of the Day! (27:20)
      • Why it’s important to appreciate your time on Earth. (44:50)
    • Marc’s request to listeners (46:39)

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