Episode 63: Dr. Randi Konikoff on Self-Worth, Self-Belief, Neuroplasticity, Addiction, and God

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“It’s not what you use, it’s why.” -Dr. Randi Konikoff

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I talk with Dr. Randi Konikoff, a board certified counsellor who specializes in addictions therapy and supervises other counsellors in her field. We will discuss how Dr. Konikoff overcame her own personal struggles with addiction and depression in order to become a licensed addiction counselor, her belief in the power of neuroplasticity and self-belief, and also her great advice on overcoming struggles with self-worth and addiction. She is the author of My Reality Check Bounced, which will delve further into teaching you how to overcome your addictions in order to live a happy, healthy live of self-care and self-improvement.

Show Notes:

  • How putting all of her self-worth in her musical talents  led Dr. Konikoff into making a series of bad life and relationship decisions and struggles with depression. (5:00)
  • The mind flip that led Dr. Konikoff to  discover neural-psychotherapy and all of its wonderful benefits as well as a new “self-belief” of success. (6:50)
  • How Dr. Konikoff discovered that the only thing holding you back from living a life of success and happiness is your own limiting self-beliefs  (7:48)
  • How Dr. Konikoff flipped from grief and guilt over losing her voice to self-empowerment (9:00)
  • Inspiring words that led Dr. Konikoff to her career in neural psychotherapy (9:43)
  • What is neuroplasticity and what are some of the immense benefits of practicing self-belief through neuroplasticity exercises (10:35)
  • How you can exchange negative neural connections and habits for positive ones in order to flip your mind and your life (12:35)
  • Why it’s important to build your “coping muscles” in your brain the same way you would build muscles in your body (13:25)
  • How to build neuroplasticity in small steps and simple ways (14:20)
  • Dr. Konikoff’s professional mind flipping stories regarding codependency and the “co-dependance”(14:45)  
  • Why your thoughts train your brain and not the other way around and how you can train yourself to have positive thoughts  (18:20)
  • The Spackle Round (20:30)
    • A common belief in Dr. Konikoff’s field that she disagrees with (20:50)  
    • Dr. Konikoff’s word or phrase of the day! (22:04)
    • A belief she used to follow that she no longer believes (23:04)
    • Something that Dr. Konikoff is currently struggling with in life (24:30)
    • Dr. Konikoff’s “Get Out Of Your Own Way” Card (26:12)
    • How Dr. Konikoff overcame a difficult period in her life (27:12)
    • Dr. Konikoff’s special request for listeners! (30:20)

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