Episode 62: Zoilita Grant, The Master Key, Mindset, Coaching for Cancer and the 5 Steps to Change

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Esteemed coach and hypnotist Zoilita Grant joins me today to discuss the benefits of hypnotherapy and hypnosis on a multitude of things, including how coaching can help accelerate your business by creating a mindset for success. Join us as we discuss neuro-meditation, hypnosis, and how hypnotherapy coaching can be the master key that opens the door to success in your life and business!

Show Notes:

  • What is neuro-meditation and how can it help you find success? (7:00)
  • How hypnotherapy can help you unlock doors that block you from achieving success and what those doors represent (9:30)
  • How visualization and intention can help to shape your current reality and how to use them to your benefit (9:56)
  • How visiting a public library in Ohio led to Zoilita’s first mindflip and changed her life (and love) forever! (13:10)
  • How the belief that you just need to work harder in order to achieve success will limit your success and business (14:50)
  • How techniques like visualization can help to flip your mind, business, and life (16:00)
  • A Stanford study on hypnosis and visualization, and how hypnosis can benefit your life (16:50)
  • What inspired Zoilita to discover the mind flipping power of hypnosis (18:28)
  • What causes Zoilita to become disenchanted with hypnosis and how she flipped it towards a more “equal model,” which led her to coaching (19:00)
  • How Zoilita defines coaching and its role in our lives.  (20:00)
  • The Spackle Round (21:04)
    • Zoilita’s Word of the Day (21:11)
      • What does “consciously unconscious” mean and how does it impact your life? (22:45)
    • A common belief in Zoilita’s field that she disagrees with (24:35)
    • A client’s personal mind flipping story (25:22)
    • Something happening in Zoilita’s life right now (28:34)
    • How Zoilita lives a balanced life– tangible strategies he employes (29:54)
    • Something that excites Zoilita that is coming up (32:20)
    • What “Patreon” is and how it can benefit growing podcasts (33:50)
    • A special offer for Mind Flipping listeners! (35:00)

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