Episode 57: Steven Blake, Pain 2 Go, Moving from Pain to Freedom, Teaching Our Mind to Let Go, Fibromyalgia

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Did you know that 70% of our thoughts are naturally “negative” thoughts?

Steven Blake delves deeply into the different layers of the mind, and how emotional and mental anguish can create physical pain in the body. He talks about his “Blake Methodology” and getting “Old Pain to Go” by learning how to to get your unconscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind in order to take control of your life, health, and spirit! Listen to this episode for tangible mind exercises that will help you get rid of old pain in order to begin a new life!

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Show Notes:

  • Steven shares a story of physical pain that led to a powerful mind flipping moment with his subconscious (5:50)
  • Steven defines the “conscious mind,” “subconscious mind,” and also the “unconscious mind” for those new to the hypnotherapy field (7:45)
  • Why Steven refers to the unconscious as the “epi-conscious” part of the mind (8:30)
  • How the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds impact each other in your woke life (9:00)
  • A tangible hand exercise to begin to train your mind to erase the negative thoughts and think more positively (10:45)
  • How your mind can impact your physical life and why it’s important to examine your own thoughts in order to flip your mind (13:00)
  • Why it’s important to reflect on your mind habits, but not to beat yourself up whenever you think of something negative (14:15)
  • How a client discovered the power of her mind and how it influenced her ability to walk again (15:00)
  • Common obstacles of the mind that influence your pain levels (18:28)
  • How the mind caused a client to suffer blindness in order to escape the emotional suffering of dealing with her partner’s dementia (20:15)
  • Imagine the power of positive thinking on every layer of your conscious mind (21:30)
  • How Steven directed his mind to literally flip the direction and course of his life (22:20)
  • How your subconscious will fetch you whatever you request of it and how short-term “goal setting” can lead to missed opportunities in life (23:15)
  • Why Steven’s mission in life is to get as many people in the world freed from their mental and physical pain and suffering (24:00)
  • How Steven asked his unconscious for help (25:35)
  • How the unconscious drops physical hints to your conscious when it wants you to make a change in your life (26:30)
  • Why it’s important to get the unconscious and conscious speaking with each other (27:10)
  • Why it is important to acknowledge your mental and emotional pain in order to heal (30:25)
  • How a client who acknowledged her trauma, fear, and anger over being diagnosed with leukemia fifteen years before was able to flip her mind more positively and begin healing (31:10)
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge and release emotional traumas in order to get rid of pain (32:10)
  • Why hypnosis is a brilliant form of pain relieve (32:57)
  • Why it is important to teach the client to take ownership of the hypnosis process in order to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (34:00)
  • Why it is just as important, if not more important, to learn how to “renovate our minds” like we renovate our homes (35:45)
  • Why you need to take ownership of your own mental and emotional wounds, and how hypnotherapy allows you to do this without being alone (36:35)
  • Rick discusses a former guest Kaitlyn Michael and his guest spot on her podcast (39:35)
  • How you can separate the pain from the problem (40:00)
  • The Spackle Round (40:45)
    • Steven’s word or phrase of the day (41:00)
    • A common believe in the hypnosis/hypnotherapy field that Steven disagrees with (43:35)
    • Steven Blake’s special offer for listeners (48:15)

Additional Resources from the Show:

  • Grab your discount as a mind flipper for Blake’s “Old Pain to Go!” sessions here!
  • Flip your mental and physical health to live a pain free life or train with Steven here!
  • Learn more about Steven Blake and check out his blog content here!
  • Check out the “Mind Body Mastery”  podcast with former Mind Flipping guest Katelyn Michals and listen in on Rick’s guest spot!

If you would like to contact Rick, you can send him an audio message, use the contact page HERE  or in connect with him in the Mind Flipping Facebook Group. Let’s keep the mind flipping conversation going, together!

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