Episode 42: Katherine Adamek, Performance Mindset, Mindfulness, Believing in Yourself, Pursuing Your Visions

2x Olympic Medalist, Katherine Adamek shares her journey from athlete to mindset coach, simple strategies to flip your mindset, working smarter, and the importance of failure. This episode is sponsored by the 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention. Register today to support the show.

During her comeback to the sport of short track speedskating Katherine entrusted one company, Vision Pursue, with all of her mental skill training. Now Katherine partners with Vision Pursue to teach Performance Mindset skills to high performing individuals and organizations.

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Show Notes:

5:42 Katherine’s Fist Big Mind Flipping Story

7:22 How to use awareness to Flip Your Mind

9:52 The common struggle of coaches and athletes

11:03 What failure really means…

12:28 Working smarter

14:24 Mind Flipping isn’t always getting what you want

14:56 Life after skating & Vision Persue

16:55 The importance of gratitude

18:03 Mind Flipping lack of control, stress and anxiety

19:10 An easy Mind Flipping exercise

19:46  How to know if you’re doing it right

20:45 A Mind Flipping practice you can do right now

23:48 What to ask yourself daily in your journal

25:08 How to be confident

27:01 Katherine’s Phrase of the Day

28:12 The common belief with which Katherine disagrees

Wade T. Lightheart & progressive relaxation

31:04 What Katherine struggles with

32:35 Using The Vision Pursue App Vision Board (and using traditional vision boards)

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