Ep112: Head Trash, Power Habits, Afformations, Overcoming Negative Self Talk with Noah St. John

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“Everything that you say after the word because is what you will defend to the death. Even though you’re talking against yourself, you will still defend it to the death..”

Noah St. John

How to create and incorporate power habits into your life. What is success really and how are you going to get there? Have you mastered your inner and outer game? Noah shares lessons and tips to help us get out of our own way. 

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Who is Noah? 

In his own words…

“In 1997, I had two epiphanies that changed my life…The first was “The Shower That Changed Everything” when I discovered my AFFORMATIONS® Method. You can learn more about AFFORMATIONS at Afformations.com

My second epiphany was when I discovered the condition of SUCCESS ANOREXIA that causes self-sabotage and the “foot on the brake” syndrome. You can learn more about SUCCESS ANOREXIA at PowerHabitsBook.com.”

Learn more about Noah here: https://noahstjohn.com/we-believe/


  • How Noah helps people
  • Picking up where Napoleon Hill left off
  • The Head Trash around money & defining success for yourself (9:00)
  • Sheila’s story: Mastering the Inner Game (12:00)
  • “Because… “ on defending your negative self talk & the need to be right (16:00)
  • The Afformations System (18:01)
  • What 2 things make for a quality life? (23:29)
  • Only you can use the tools to do the work
  • How Noah is different from “gurus” (28:45)
  • The 3 ways we accept habits
  • Power Habits (33:45)
  • Fear is the thief of time

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Mind Fliping podast episode 112: Head Trash, Power Habits, Afformations, Overcoming Negative Self Talk with Noah St. John

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